Keyword In Content Method Rank Keywords From Within Your Content

So, this is really an effort to get our older post video in the Loom website that has been made public, to index in Google. We had a link in the comments.

Here’s the video:

Unless about 5 minutes and addresses the topic of getting links and ranking from within your own content on your own web page. Of course, this centers around less competitive keywords and part of the video addresses the use of expired domains.

SEO strategy by Dave Keys

Lacking LEDs We’re Subdued In Low Light

We could use some better lighting in this scene. It was around 1987 or so and LED technology was in its relative infancy. Certainly it wasn’t a cornerstone of green lighting or even replacement lighting. LEDs were the red light on a toy or an indicator in electronic equipment.

LED Lighting Is Economically Sound

Lighting that cost less and illuminated more was a dream of scientists who were concerned with ever growing demands for lighting, utility, security and energy. LED lights have entered the fray and taken center stage.

LED Lighting Is Competitive

Times have changed and everyone from Home Depot to E-conolight have fully entered the game. Look around you. You’ll notice LED lights going up everywhere- replacing mercury vapor and other lighting technologies day by day.

LED profiles

What a shame! Not One LED!

YouTube Is Free Traffic

Number 1. Don’t sell on your videos. Use them to gain viewers. Entertain. inform. Don’t sell. It’s not the 250,000 subscribers but it’s the views that counts. YouTube doesn’t care about your subscriber count.

Headline, thumbnail combined to gain high watch time.

Still trying to get this new Aspen real estate website to index. So far, no joy.

This process is more annoying than the Macarena.

Aspen ski near real estate. Ski in ski out.

Stay tuned to learn about die hard Patriots fan Suzanne Slate.